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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 8, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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>> we start with the fall out from a cnn investigation. for months cnn has pursued the secretary of veteran's affairs over allegations that veterans were dying from the deliberate cover-up. some have called on the secretary to resign. there was this message for veterans. >> they want you to resign or be fired. will you resign? >> i serve at the pleasure of the president. i want them to know this is a good, quality health care system.
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when we stumble across imperfections we're going to do something about it. cnn has learned of two patient lists at a veteran affairs hospital in phoenix. a dumby list showed improved wait times for veterans and a secret list with actual wait times with some vets waiting as long as 21 months, nearly two years to see a doctor. as many as 40 veterans literally waited to death as they succumbed to conditions that worsened. the loved ones saw it happen to him. he died.
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>> thank you very much for having me. we're a membership driven organization. we sent out a poll. we're asking them what they think the secretary should do. what we expect is bold action from the president to reform the va. >> so your group today is holding a news conference calling on president obama to be accountable for improvements inside the department of veteran's affairs. what does that mean? hasn't that always been the case?
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>> apparently not. what we have seen is that every week, worse stories come out about the va, the quality of care. it's not just in phoenix as you reported. it's now in texas. we're seeing results in colorado as well. this is some sort of systemic problem and we expect the president to be able to fix this. the the va has ordered this audit, not just in phoenix, what are these younger vets in your group say about your personal experiences getting there. >> we really believe this is a systemic problem. and the stories are not better than the stories the vietnam vets are telling us. the va has had chronic issues with getting administrative paper work followed up.
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these problems are decades in the making and they need to be fixed. >> so are you hearing from young vets saying they're giving you details about experiences where they go to a medical senter and they get the run around or they feel like the chart is going in the wrong place. or get in a point that might be 200 days. even if the va met its own standards you are looking at 14 to 21 days who says i need help and gets to see a medical professional. >> we just learned that the secretary is going to be testifying before senators next week. what do you want to hear from him? >> we would like to hear what the secretary's plan is to change the system.
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>> i know you are sort of doing a poll of your membership. when are you expecting to have the results of that? >> we expect to have it by the end of the week. >> we will be looking for that. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> we are hearing now possibly from embattled la clippers owner for the first time since tension erupted over comments. in it a male voice said to be sterling's, he's talking to an unknown male and adamantly denies that he's a racist and says that he cannot be forced to sell his team. it's important for us to note that cnn cannot independently confirm that it is sterling on this recording. >> you think i'm a racist? you think i have anything in the world but love for everybody? you don't think that. you know i'm not a racist. >> when i heard --
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>> i can't hear you. you know -- >> when i hear that tape, though. that tape i heard. >> i grew up in east la. east la you die to get out of there. i got out of east la. i was the president of the high school there. i mean, and i'm a jew. 50% of the people there were black and 40% were hispanic. you ever been to boyle heights? >> yeah, yeah. >> people must have a good feeling for me. >> did you talk to griffin or anybody yet? >> i haven't talked to anybody. i'm in my house in beverly hills. >> yeah. >> i mean, how could you think of me as a racist knowing me all of these years. >> the best player he can get. >> you, i don't expect anything
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from anybody but i do from you. i mean -- >> you have money on that -- >> it breaks my heart that magic johnson, a guy that i respect so much, wouldn't stand up and say well let's get the facts. let's get him and talk to him. nobody tried. nobody tried. i'm here on beverly drive. >> they are trying to force you to sell it. > you can't force someone to sell property in america. i'm a lawyer and that's my opinion. >> i think they got shawn combs diddy is really seeking to buy it. him and oprah. >> who? >> diddy. shaun combs and oprah are the ones trying to -- >> there's a whole lot to
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discuss here. >> what do you make of how this got leaked? is this a victim of another private conversation being put out there? what do you think? >> i think that donald sterling in his own mind doesn't think he's a racist. he's a product of another time. had he come out directly after the initial phone call was leaked he would have had a chance to influence or stem public opinion but he didn't. he allowed it to grow and grow until you have the president of the united states and there is not a being in this country who doesn't have an opinion on this. it has so far transcended sports to become a national and almost international issue. so really it doesn't matter.
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it's too late for him to clarify the record. and there also is a public record of lawsuits and what baylor said. i don't think it really makes any substantial difference in anyway. >> there is another trail of issues that he has faced. you say it doesn't matter. article 13d states that an owner can be terminated by a vote of three quarters if they fail to refuse to fulfill its contractual obligations to the association, its members, players, or any other third party in such a way to affect the association adversely. is he wrong when he says i'm a lawyer. i can't be forced to sell my team, we live in america. >> first of all, let's make the point that when he initially purchased his franchise or any owner purchases a franchise in professional sports, they are not buying a private business.
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what they are buying is a franchise subject to a whole series of rules and restrictions for the better interest of the sport. he signed knowing if he did something to totally harm the nba, they could revoke his franchise. he agreed to those by laws. if you go on and follow him, they agree that the decision of the owners and commissioner will be final and binding. he also agrees that he will not fight it in a court of law. he waived his rights legally and i don't think it matters what he asserts. he's the owner of the team. the fact that there's a family trust, she's not the cig
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signatory for this. but the problem is he bought the team for $12 million. it may sell for a billion dollars. it's really hard -- >> it's not really a diminished asset is it? >> let me ask you that. you think legally the odds are not much in his favor. how long do you think this would play out for us to see another owner of this team? >> so they have gone ahead and moved through this owner committee to to go ahead and revoke. very soon we will see them go ahead and take that vote. he has got the right to come to a hearing. once that happens, if the vote
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occurs and the revocation occurs, immediately, that franchise becomes the property of the nba. and it goes under the jurisdiction of the commissioner. so then he would have to vet. now, anyone can claim anything in america in a lawsuit whether it has any basis or not. but good luck finding a judge that is going to want to take this case anywhere. >> all right. so we will see. maybe quickly. who knows. really appreciate your legal expertise on that one. >> coming up, house republican leaders are set to vote later today to approve a special committee to investigate benghazi. what questions are they looking to answer? that's ahead. and four bodies found in a mansion after it was engulfed in flames. police say the fire was started intentionally. we're live in miami next.
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>> a mystery in florida inside the gates of an exclusive neighborhood. a country club that is home to famous athletes and known for heavy security. four bodies were found inside a burning mansion owned by a former tennis star. the house exploded into flames early wednesday rattling neighbors before anyone discovered that it contained a crime scene. >> oh my god. i was walking my dogs and the house just exploded. >> oh my god. >> calm down and take a deep breath. i know it's hard. >> i was walking by and it was exploding. >> now the flames were intense.
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when firefighters finally got inside they found the bodies of two adults and two teenagers. they also found fireworks throughout the house. authorities say someone deliberately started that fire but they are not revealing a whole lot more. i understand that you have new information for us. >> exactly what happened and why. at this point authorities are not calling this a murder suicide. the fire that you mentioned is said to be intentionally set. the father purchased $600 worth of fireworks at a tampa area store according to a spokesperson for that company. the purchase was unremarkable and the fireworks alone would
11:18 am
not be capable of creating such damage at this point authorities would only say that fireworks were at the house. we do not know what role if any they played in what happened. >> what do we know about the victims? about this family? >> people who are darren and kimberly campbell. he was just a few weeks away from graduation. his father served as the school's treasurer. the family used to live in michigan before they moved to florida and authorities say they were renting that house from tennis star james blake. blake is cooperating with the investigation even though we're told he lives out of state. now those who knew the family are using social media to express their saddens and shock
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and the hash tag pray for the campbells was trending yet. >> horrible story. >> now coming up, russian president putin blaming the crisis on irresponsible politics. what is putin's end game. plus richard sherman, remember him? the sea hawk made headlines and now he is making headlines again. this time for what he is saying about donald sterling and the nfl. i always say be the man with the plan
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>> u.s. citizens are now being told to postpone all non-essential travel to ukraine. right now ukrainian forces are trying to fight back against pro russian separatists and the situation could deteriorate even further. in the meantime vladimir putin is blaming it on irresponsible politics. >> there remain a lot of dangers and threats in the world and europe as you know, every now and then nationalism rares its head the example of our neighbor, our brotherly ukraine, shows that irresponsible politics brings a lot of trouble in the losses.
11:24 am
>> this month's cover story takes a look at vladimir putin's mission. what do you make of these? does he believe what he is saying? putin is an unpredictable leader. people thought he wouldn't go to cry mee ya. people thought he wouldn't see crimea. this a leader who has notions of
11:25 am
and is as the story says, is sort of a throw back to another time. this is not a modern president who wants to do -- go to international summits. he is constantly defie d. >> in the cover story you say that putin is slowing a darker shadow of the west. a throw back as you say. what is his end game and do you think he knows really what it is? >> there are two interpretations on that. either he is as a lot of people think, directing a lot of what is happening in eastern ukraine or even if he isn't, he has stepped up this russian
11:26 am
nationalistic propaganda. that could be a very dangerous thing. does he have control over his consequences? we don't know. it's a beast that once you release could have all kinds of consequences. one of the points that the story makes is that a lot of countries in that region have large ethnic russian populations and putin is trying to stop nationalism. do you have a plan for what he will do once he has stopped the sentiments? it's a game which can destabilize not just ukraine but much, much bigger chunk of europe. >> and a dangerous game, also, because of that unpredictability that you talked about. thank you so much. we will be looking for the cover story. coming up, the house of
11:27 am
representatives set to vote to approve a select committee to investigate the terror attacks in benghazi. could republican's push for answers turn away potential voters? and tsarnaev seeking to suppress statements made from his hospital bed. and anything he said in his hospital bed should be struck from the record entirely. we will be discussing next. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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>> house republicans are launching another inquiry. benghazi -- democrats argue that questions have all been answered. they say the republican's goal isn't getting to the truth but getting to hillary clinton. that was easily -- ascertained that that was not the fact and the american people could have known that within days and they didn't know that. >> clinton is quoted as saying
11:32 am
enough already that she is confident she knows what has happened there. as this new investigation is launched by the house of representatives. >> boehner, four americans died in benghazi. should the fund raise off of your efforts with a select committee? >> our focus is on getting the answers to those families who lost families to loved ones period. our focus is getting the truth for these four families and the american people. >> why is that happening? >> our focus is on getting the truth for the american people and these four families. >> all right. our chief dr. >> he didn't answer the question. >> three times and he would not engage on that.
11:33 am
i wonder what you think here. do republicans have to be careful? does it get to a point where it's like too much is -- it's just too much and voters tune him out? >> there is always a danger of overreach particularly when you're fund raising over this. if you go back to the day of bill clinton and impeachment of overreach. but the game that republicans are playing and you know this as well as i do is more of a short term game with some long term implications maybe for hillary clinton but the play they're making is in the midterm elections. they are not about the persuadable voters in the middle. it's all about getting out your base. of the 40% or so. none of them is undecided.
11:34 am
if enemy number one is obama care and nick hillary clinton along the way for 2016, they will be happy to do that. >> let's talk about the ramifications. i talk with some people in her camp who say this is not an election that will be won or lost on foreign policy. >> a very important line item on her resume and it's something that she will talk about when she talks about her experience. i think at some point hillary clinton will probably produce another robust explanation. you are showing her there before
11:35 am
the congressional committee. she did it once. a very detailed explanation of what went wrong and what needed to be corrected. but i do think this is an issue that she is going to have to deal with over and over again the question is whether independent voters will care an awful lot about benghazi. this is why democrats are to participate in this committee. >> that's what they want to do.
11:36 am
>> a u.s. citizen was handcuffed to a hospital bed rail iing. >> i im talking about boston marathon bombing suspect tsarnaev. he was groggy from painkillers. government officials suggested that tsarnaev was to the miranda rule. you wonder were his rights violated? does he have an argument?
11:37 am
>> the law applies equally across the board to everyone. it doesn't matter if it's me, you, or tsarnaev. i think that the government is on really firm legal footing here because there is always an exception to the miranda there certainly was a public safety concern here. you have to make sure that the pub public is safe. you are allowed in a limited way to question a suspect about that public safety concern. >> he was communicating with them by writing.
11:38 am
>> because of this public safety concern. the one area where i think the defense has a bit of lee way, a bit of legal footing is that statements couldn't have been voluntary because they have been drugged up. he was in the hospital and in pain. you will see testimony from the
11:39 am
doctors. >> the painkillers may be an issue. thank you. >> thanks. >> now coming up, richard sherman, you remember him? he's the football player that went on that rant? now he is speaking out again, questioning the nfl's stance on race relations in the wake of the donald sterling controversy.
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>> well the fallout surrounding la clippers owner donald sterile something forcing owners and players of other sports leagues to answer some tough questions about things. >> i'm the best in the game. when you try me, that's the result you're going to get.
11:43 am
don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth about this or i'm gonna shut it for you real quick. >> sherman was fined nearly $8,000, but when it comes to the sterling controversy, time asked him if an nfl owner made similar comments would roger godell ban for life and he said no. if it doesn't affect the bottom line, they're not as concerned. joining me to discuss this former atlanta falcon, chris draft. you first, the owner of the red skins, he said that the team name was not an issue. but that's something native americans, many of them feel that it's a racial slur. is there a double standard here?
11:44 am
>> well, let me just say i have a lot of respect for richard sherman. he's a great player and i think he does a lot for the game in which he speaks up. it's my opinion, my view that if an owner made similar comments that he would be banned. that the nfl would take the same action. i'm confident that the players association the players would be up in arms and they would do the same thing that the nba did. that's my take on it based on my 30 years of experience in dealing with the players from the nfl, the owners, and the executives of the nfl teams and also the union. the nfl pa would never stand for that. >> i think it is very similar. you're looking at two different issues. you know, what happened with donald sterling is so far outside the box. as an owner of the team and the
11:45 am
things that he said, it's clear that it has to be dealt with in a different situation. if you want to see how the nfl might respond you have to look at the new orleans saints and see with the bullying scandal that they were very swift in their action. but that's not even close to what happened. if the nfl had an owner like that you would probably see the same thing happen in the nba. >> so drew, let's talk about another incident. riley cooper was caught on tape and used the n word at a concert. how do you feel about the way the nfl handled that. he was fined. what do you think about that? >> well, okay, chris, go right ahead. >> my take on it is that the eagles organization, the players, the rest of the nfl players, they made the determination that what cooper
11:46 am
did was wrong. it was not acceptable. cooper was very apologetic. he was sent home for a period of time and frankly it sounded like a lot of people inside the organization who knew cooper gave him a second chance. i'm not sure the nfl itself got directly involved as much as the nfl team the philadelphia eagles were involved. >> the team fined him. and chris, i know that you have a strong opinion about this and maybe you also feel those comments are perhaps a little more -- can you compare them more to what sterling said? a majority of your team is that
11:47 am
color. on an ownership level this is completely different. donald sterling had a history. he had a history that showed that kind of guy so it really blew up in his face. >> he did. >> and i think this -- go on. >> i think the sterling comments have had an impact on the entire sports world. football, hockey, baseball. it put owners on notice, everyone on notice. that racism will not be tolerated. and whether you're an owner, you're going to be ostracized.
11:48 am
and hopefully sets a standard. if this happens again in any other professional football or other league, for example. >> some important soul searching that needs to go on and on. >> we have been talking about boka shsharam. critics are saying that critics have dropped the ball years ago. we will have that next. my name is karen and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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>> the beginning of the end for terror. those were the words with good luck johnathan that the bok boka haram's kidnappings will be the group's ultimate down fall. the girls who were kidnapped have likely been split up. former secretary of state about the brutal kidnappings. clinton said the nigerian government has been direlect with tracking boka haram. the state department fought hard against placing the al qaeda
11:53 am
linked militant group on its official list of foreign terrorist organizations for years. cnn foreign affairs. what i want to ask you, i know that you have been really digging into this. it's not quite that simple, right? >> it's not. and we did a lot of reporting of boka haram over the years including in 2012 when secretary clinton went to nigeria and there was a robust debate about whether the group should be designated. a very big debate about whether the group should be designated. because boka haram was focused
11:54 am
on nigeria, it might make the u.s. a target and they wanted to see if they could try to deal with the threat locally. there was also concern that human rights groups like amnesty were accusing the nigerian military of human rights of uses and there was a concern particularly within the state department that the nigerian military would take that as a license to further its human rights abuse. there was uncertainty at the time as to whether the nigerians wanted the u.s. to do. but they didn't take that ultimate step. >> it could help with recruiting. i have heard that was a concern as well. thank you for breaking it down.
11:55 am
very complex subject. thank you. up next more of anderson cooper's explosive interview, driping what she did at a house that had been her prison for 11 years. defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. calcium citrate plus d. highly soluble, easily absorbed.
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>> michelle knight says life is amazing one year after her incredible rescue. she has endured after being held hostage for nearly 11 years, beaten with chains, sexual assaulted over and over and over again. >> i hear a noise but anybody can say police. and then i notice some form of a
11:59 am
big person. i was like okay. maybe this might be. and i see a badge and numbers. and then i hear the police radio. i just said, i ran right into her arms and i literally choked her. >> into the police woman's arms? >> yeah. >> did you say anything. >> i said please don't let me go. please don't put me down. >> the man who had held her for nearly 11 years was. >> i understand why he did that. he couldn't face what he did. he was ashamed and embarrassed of what he done.
12:00 pm
and he didn't want what he did to us to happen to him. >> today michelle is focused on starting over. she has changed her name to lily. and she is also back in school with the hope of opening her own restaurant some day. >> what's it like? i don't even know how to ask. what's the past year been like? >> amazing. >> you're in the cnn newsroom. we begin with what could possibly be the first words from la clippers donald sterling since he got banned from the nba for life.
12:01 pm
confirming the call was indeed made by. >> you think i'm a racist? you think i have anything in the world but love for everybody? you don't think that. you know i'm not a racist. >> when i heard -- >> i can't hear you. >> that tape i heard. >> i grew up in east la. east la you die to get out of there. i got out of east la. i was the president of the high school there. i mean, and i'm a jew. 50% of the people there were black and 40% were hispanic. you ever been to boyle heights.
12:02 pm
>> yeah. >> i mean people must have a good feeling about me. >> did you talk to griffin or anybody. >> i didn't talk to anybody. i'm in my house in beverly hills. >> yeah. >> how could you think i'm a racist knowing me all these years? how can you be in this business and be a racist. do you think i tell the coach to get white players or get the best player he can get. >> the best player he can get. >> i mean, you -- i don't expect anything from anybody but i do from you. i mean -- >> you lay -- >> it breaks my heart that magic johnson, you know, my, a guy that i respect so much wouldn't stand up and say well let's get the facts. let's get him and talk to him. nobody tried. nobody. i'm here on beverly dry.
12:03 pm
you know? >> i think they are going -- they are trying to force you to sell it. >> they don't -- you can't force someone to sell property in america. i'm a lawyer and that's my opinion. >> i think they got shaun combs, diddy, he's the one really seeking about it. him and oprah. >> who? >> diddy. shaun combs and oprah are the ones trying to -- >> a lot to discuss here. if you take the audio at face value it seems he is genuinely perplexed that people think he's a racist. >> it didn't seemed canned or staged. he seemed genuinely perplexed. it was -- it seemed authentic from my point of view.
12:04 pm
>> what really jumped out to me is what he said at the end when he said you can't force people to sell property. we have the nba constitution that clearly states that an owner can be terminated if he fails or refuses to fulfill contractual obligations. so, was sterling wrong when he says -- >> sterling is correct. the government can force the sale of private property for public use if just compensation is made. sterling bought the team and paid $12 million for the clippers. he would make between 500 or $600 million. one can see that just compensation should be done here.
12:05 pm
i think they are well within their rights. >> making it clear that it will not go down without a fight. if he were to file suit, what do you think his counter argument would be? would it be his right to free speech. >> the freedom of speech, stating that even if his views were verified to be true, he can hold those views under the u.s. constitution. mostly in the form of questionable hiring practices and alleged discrimination. >> let me ask you this quickly.
12:06 pm
a lot of people would say he's been convicted in the court of public within. >> it's a very ignorant view. i was shocked to see and hear his initial remarks and i was shocked to hear these as well. so i don't know if he necessarily will come out and express his remorse. i don't think the verdict will change. >> all right. and coming up in the newsroom, we will look into a comment by v. who initially recorded sterling. we will tell you what she said that could land her in some hot water with the irs. today an audit of every va
12:07 pm
hospital in the country following a cnn investigation into the phoenix va. some of them were on a secret waiting list according to sources. so drew, this audit is sma major move for the va. >> a nationwide review of medical access that every clinic and hospital. a face to face audit and how long these veterans are waiting across the country. all of this, pamela, coming to a head because of the allegations stemming out of phoenix. they are still under investigation. but the allegations are that we have reported there was a secret hidden list hiding the fact that veterans were waiting up to 21
12:08 pm
months to see a doctor. 40 patients who had been waiting died during that time period. and two, whether or not that secret list, the evidence of it has been destroyed by the va and that's why the house veteran's affairs committee did what they did today, issuing a subpoena to get a cabinet secretary to appear before them. >> there have been interviews given to other news outlet's. i know it's not for a lack of trying on your part. can you explain this? >> he's picking and choosing who he talks to and speaks to.
12:09 pm
that is a democratic basically run committee that is sympathetic. he has said some very sympathetic things about the way he runs his business. he will not talk to us. we have asked every day for the last several weeks. we have been asking for six months. he didn't get askite asked any questions, that's for sure. >> up next a child rejected by a pree school after being diagnosed with autism. was this a case of discrimination? also a strong message to public schools across the country when it comes to educating illegal immigrants. >> and two brothers about to star in their own show but they were fired before the show ever aired because of their personal
12:10 pm
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12:13 pm
>> with the cdc reporting one in 68 kids in the u.s. is on the autism spectrum, we may be hearing stories about this more often. a new york city family is suing a school for discriminating against their child without ever meeting him. they did not know the boy had autism when applying. when she disclosed the rescinded his diagnosis. hool >> you can't discriminate like this and think you can get away
12:14 pm
with it. >> you don't think they have the right to say no you can't come. >> i think that do if they evaluate a child and the child exhibits behavior that would not benefit -- >> they did not discriminate on the basis of a legitimate reason such as the child has aggressive behaviors. >> the school's board chair tells cnn that the allegations are baseless and the school is conducting a review of the incident. >> justice reporter is here with a look at the very detailed look
12:15 pm
at. >> in this day and age, this is still a problem but officials say it really is. in alabama the state passed a law to try to limit schools. parents have run into id requirements. the education department says they have investigated 17 cases. things like driver's licenses, social security cards or birth certificate certificates. >> schools are allowed to seek proof that students live in a school district. they can ask for utility bills and apartment leases. but they cannot discourage undocumented immigrants from
12:16 pm
enrolling their kids. critics claiming the state department missed warning signs. it has been two months since they disappeared without a trace. dog: get four years interest-free financing
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>> malaysia flight 370 families now say the search for the missing airliner may be way off base. begging the government to release a specific clue. they said we implore the malaysia government to share and release the raw data. we feel that it is necessary that the data be subject to independent third party review. it is our hope with out of the box thinking that the whole world can help look for the plane. the family has been asking for that for quite some time. >> the facts fall into three categories. the known, the assumed, and the
12:21 pm
yet to be discovered. among the known, 41 minutes after midnight, 370 climbs to flight level 35,000 feet. less than one hour into the flight, the final words from the cockpit. also known, the plane's tracking devices are switched off, causing the plane to disappear from civilian radar. a senior malaysian air force official says the plain went off course but nothing was done. even though it appeared somethi something. >> the flight path calculated from satellite data and fuel
12:22 pm
estimates from the plane, that data used to determine the flight path thousands of miles off course leading the prime minister to make this stunning statement. >> like flight 370 end ed in th southern indian ocean. >> an international team here spent countless hours calculating what they assume is the final resting place of the plane. reanalyzing all the. >> the team will chart the course for a massive underwater search operation. 60,000 square kilometers. 60 million dollars. up to a million dollars. noises they assume are from the so-called black box. >> this would be consistent with
12:23 pm
transmissions from both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. this is the most promising lead so far. >> the facts are yet to be discovered. what caused the plane to go off course and who was at the controls during the flight's final hours. despite the work of 26 countries, the search had uncovered no trace of the plane or the missing people. >> we will do everything to solve this mystery. we will not let people down. >> finally back to the one fact that's known and undisputed. two months later and still no answer to the question, will they ever find the plane that carries so many secrets? >> that has got to be so agonizing for their families.
12:24 pm
still ahead right here, the u.s. military heading to nigeria to aid in the search for 200 plus kidnapped young girls. this hour there are new worries that may make finding them even tougher. but first donald sterling may lose his team but the woman at the center may have some legal problems of her own. we will explain up next. frequent heartburn? the choice is yours. chalky. not chalky. temporary.
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12:27 pm
>> la clippers owner allegedly
12:28 pm
says he is not giving up. >> here is more. >> can we talk to you? >> v.stiviano. she head headlines for being on the receiving end of sterling's racist rant. she told barbara walters it was just an innocent chat. >> i'm mr. sterling's right hand man. i'm his confidant, his best friend. his silly rabbit. >> but while stiviano may not have broken the law, she may have run afoul of the irs. >> does he pay you?
12:29 pm
>> yes. >> he pays you as an employee? >> at first he started paying me as an employee and then he started paying me off the books. >> off the books? how could the owner of the clippers, a man worth $1.9 billion pay someone off the books. >> is this a red flag, a possible red flag for the irs? >> the connotation is, is income being paid to someone and it's not being reported. >> there are allegations that he was even more generous with his silly rabbit. shelly sued stiviano transferred $1.8 million to donald sterling's everything. >> sterling also alleged her
12:30 pm
husband gave fancy cars. >> an employer can pay an employee with property or gifts but they would still be subject to reporting on a w-2 as compensation. >> rosa florez is live for us in new york. tell us the potential penalty that stiviano could face. >> there could be substantial penalties. think about this. when you get your paycheck, on that pay stub there are legally, you know, their employer has to with hold some taxes. there is also state income tax. that's the responsibility of the employer. and the irs will tell you, it could be up to 100% of the
12:31 pm
penalty of that tax. now when it comes to stiviano, it kind of just runs the gamut. think about it. if you say okay, i forgot to report five dollars, that might not be such a big deal. it's the little things a lot of the times will get you specifically with taxes. a lot of the times it's like your paychecks. they are there. it's the law. >> the irs is certainly paying attention. thank you so much for that report. u.s. intelligence personnel are just hours away from hitting the ground where they will help its
12:32 pm
government find the kidnapped schoolgirls there. also today, john kerry said the u.s. will do everything possible to counter the menace. >> the images from nigeria this week have captured the public's attention about extremism in far away places. it also helped to focus the world's attention in boka haram, a concern we have been focused on for some period of time. our interagency team is hitting the ground in nigeria now and will be working in congress with president good luck johnathan's government to do everything we possibly can to return these girls to their families and their communities. >> a team of seven u.s. personnel will be in nigeria.
12:33 pm
so why the delay? here to discuss this is "new york times" columnist we appreciate it. as we heard secretary kerry say, the boka haram has been on the radar for quite some time. what do you make of that? >> um, you know, i think that while it's been on our radar, it also has not been perceived nearly as much of a direct threat to the u.s. for the west end in africa that has tried to per sue american targets. this attack is pretty typical. therefore it has been a little
12:34 pm
bit out of sight and out of mind. >> why should the u.s. care about it in the sense of are certain u.s. interests at risk of being attacked by boka haram? >> i do think the threat is growing in a couple of ways. one is that boka haram has increased lengths nigeria has a lot of ties with the united states and britain. boka haram is ambitious. they would like to sponsor a terror attack. while interests our values matter, too. when several hundred girls are
12:35 pm
kidnapped. that should bother us enough that if we can try to help locate them, we really should. >> we are offering assistance in this effort sources are telling us that the girls have been separated. that means they could have crossed the border. had a helping in the effort to find those girls. >> i think there has been a lot of concern that girls may have been brought across borders. frankly i think that would make it easier to track them down. northern nigeria is a real mess. in contrast, once they crossed
12:36 pm
the border. >> you had governments that are much more functional. there is enough international opinion that that will help. i think the other thing is that these girls are educated. they will seek and attempt an escape. that's going to be harder to do. >> given the mass cooperation here by all of these different countries. sort of the focus on this. >> boka haram has been able to
12:37 pm
reach such devastation for a couple of reasons. one is that the nigerian establishment tenlds to care more about areas in the south. so long as the people getting slaughtered are in remote areas in the north it has been less on the agenda. i would say that when the nigerian government and army have tried to tackle boka haram, they have done it with the most brutal counter insurgency by rounding up young men and in some cases killing them. it has turned people to become more simp lettic up too. so instead of randoming rounding up men it will actually take on boka haram itself.
12:38 pm
>> has boka haram came out and made any specific demands? >> i think there are a couple of things. the head of it is very flamboyant i think that is, that's why he made his extraordinary video secondly he is trying to make sure that girls don't go to school and that is one of the tragedies here. no loving parents are going to send their daughters to school. the fear is that the daughters will then be kidnapped and sent to slavery. i guess finally he hopes that he can ransom them off and make some money off of this.
12:39 pm
and the impunity in northern nigeria. >> it's just sickening. your heart goes out to the girls and their families. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next, it's a common theme making headlines lately. should someone's personal feelings on controversial issues matter? we will explain next. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy,
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12:42 pm
>> as far as shows go, hgtv's new series flip it forward was set to be unique. they would help families buy the
12:43 pm
home they thought they could never afford. but the show was over before it saw the light of day. it all came detailing the anti-gay and anti-abortion viewpoints of one of the co-hosts. the brothers have today responded with a statement that says we were saddened to hear of hgtv's decision with all of the grotesque things that could be seen and hard on television today you would think there would be room for two twin brothers who are faithful to our families and dedicated. if it costs us a television show, then so be it. i'm going to start with you, do you think this was the right move by hgtv? >> i think it makes all kinds of sense. number one, it's a company that
12:44 pm
has a long standing practice of having openly gay hosts and openly gay people participating on the shows. they have a history of being open to gay participants and gay staffers. and i could see why they would be uncomfortable with having pop with these views being a part of their line up. these shows have a huge viewership that is also part of that. middle-aged women and i'm sure gay people also watch these shows. they wouldn't be worried about boycotts and backlash among viewers. somebody says we have a lifestyle exit's socially objectionable, that's something that advertisers and employers should not associate themselves with. >> we have seen a similar
12:45 pm
situation to this. a & e putting duck dynasty on hiatus and then they brought them back. >> there was so much controversy. when duck dynasty came back it still did okay in the ratings but not as well. it had a dramatic drop off. that led to lots of speculation about why the drop off happened. was it because people had soured on phil robertson or was it for more mundane reasons. the same questions will be asked of these men. i think what's frustrating to me here as a media reporter is hgtv
12:46 pm
has not come forward and actually talked about why they did what they did. they just with one twitter message walked away from the show before it ever made it on to the air without describing why. >> and eric, let's talk about that. we are watching serious fallout obviously in the wake of donald sterling's racist comments. why did it matter what their personal beliefs are. >> number one there is an indication that one of the twin brothers who would be the host of the show did more than hold private thoughts and opinions about gay people. he participated in and led protests where gay people were targeted or name d as the sourc of some awful problem in america.
12:47 pm
if those reports are true, he did more it's about people who provide tv content associating themselveses with the image of their hosts. they hire people because they want to be associated with their image. so, if a tv channel says that a host has an image that is something that they don't want to associate with their brand or something that they think their advertisers won't want to associate that it makes all kinds of sense for them to say you can have a show, just not on hgtv. >> hgtv is owned by the same company that owns food network that bounced paula dean last summer. both owned by scripts networks. maybe scripts was trying to avoid a flare up like they had
12:48 pm
with paula dean last year. >> that's a good point. do you think the spotlight was on them from the get go? if this was such a big deal, don't you think that people would vet the people they will have on their network? >> there is a risk of matching perceived intolerance. if you are someone. why are they taking away these brother's tv show simply because what they believe in their personal life. part of the answer is diversity in the media. >> interesting per speck tus. >> i would point out if i could break in that they had been at some rally where they said that
12:49 pm
black people were the root of all people in the america. it should be said good luck getting a tv show anywhere. in tv you sell an image. if you create an image that a majority of people find distasteful, you will have a hard time getting a show. it's not a law but people decide that homophobia is something they don't want. it is harder to walk away from that show. it already existed and was success fl. if they can find some other place to do that show, i am sure they might be welcomed by someone willing to take that chance. it makes sense for some tv
12:50 pm
outlets to decide they want to be a part of this. thank you very much. we appreciate it. and don't miss erin tonight. the brothers will be on live with their side of the story at 7:45 p.m. eastern time. it is called the transparent air fares act and if it passes it will impact everyone who buys tickets online. critics are slamming the bill and we will tell you why, up next.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
. a proposed new law is being sold as returning, quote, transparency to u.s. airline airfare advertising. consumer advocates say it will make it almost impossible to compare ticket prices online. alison kosik is joining us from the new york stock exchange.
12:54 pm
what will this bill do and why are consumer groups so outraged about it? >> if this bill passes, pamela, it will allow airlines to advertise showing the base fare without the government taxes and fees rolled in. they will be revealed later when you see $200 listed and that's a great price and you keep clicking through. you'll only find out before you enter your card number that you owe another $50 in taxes. the way it's done now is the government taxes and fuel surcharges. they are rolled into one price. it's helpful when you shop around and see that one price and don't have to factor in the prices and fees later. what the airline industry is doing is leaning on congress to change the way this is done, a trade organization that supports the u.s. airlines, says that airlines should be allowed to show how much you are paying for your ticket and federal taxes separately instead of rolling it into one.
12:55 pm
pamela? >> and the airlines have been fighting that total ticket price, like you said, from the get-go, two airlines sued over it and lost. the supreme court would not hear their case. so do you think, based on what you know, that they are getting any traction in congress with this? >> they are, to the surprise of many. what the airline is arguing is that it's actually pro-consumer because they are telling you exactly how much money goes to them and how much goes to the government. and you have to realize, the airline industry has a huge lobbying arm on capitol hill. and we all know money talks. found that u.s. airlines have made $42 million in campaign contributions and seven sponsors have received heavy campaign contributions from airlines. you can see that there is some question as to whether or not there is a little bit of the lobbying push to get this bill through. >> very interesting. we'll see how it plays out. alison kosik, thank you. up next, on "newsroom," a
12:56 pm
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let's watch this video. it's really unbelievable. a man ending his life on a subway station, he walks to the
1:00 pm
edge and prepares to jump on the tracks but, wait, a quick-thinking detective saved his life. he grabbed the man in midair as we see here and we see him pull him back on the ground back to safety. he should be commended. thank you so much for watching. i'm pamela brown. now it's time for jake tapper and "the lead" and critics are asking, did the u.s. underestimate bo underestimate boko haram. monica lewinsky's "vanity fair" is